Have you ever wondered why it is that at the end of some weeks you feel like you’ve been incredibly busy, but you look back and realize you haven’t really done anything that is moving you towards your goals in your business or in your life?

I want to share this little demonstration with you to help you understand how you can better prioritize how you approach your week.

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The big secret to working smarter, not harder

We’re going to pretend that this jar is your week. It’s an empty calendar, 168 hours you have at your disposal to prioritize your time. Well what most people do when they start approaching their work week is they roll in on Monday morning at the office, at their home office and they start with the small stuff.

They start with the things that are just distractions and that are holding them back in their life and in their business. This could be scrolling through their Facebook timeline. This is pinning on Pinterest, it’s checking out everybody’s Instagram feeds, it’s playing games on your phone.

When you finish work for the day this is watching TV. They say that people watch up to three hours a day of television. This is just the mindless stuff, the stuff that starts to take up our week without us really thinking about it. Ultimately, this is the stuff that we really underestimate how much time it takes from our available 168 hours.

When we start by putting in the meaningless, mindless stuff first, then we’re automatically getting rid of a ton of our available time to work towards our goals. Well what most people do next after they’ve been playing on their phones and watching TV is they start to think about what they should be doing. We’re going to represent all the should be doings with these little pebbles.

Should we be doings are things like answering emails and being in your inbox? For a lot of entrepreneurs it could be returning phone calls, returning all those emails to maybe potential clients, which you would think is really helpful, but I personally believe your inbox is someone else’s to-do list.

It could also be things that you feel like you should be doing like worrying about housework, worrying about your laundry, going grocery shopping, all those things you should be worrying about that starts taking up a lot of your time and your energy, but again it’s busywork.

At the end of the day it’s not moving you towards your dreams, towards your goals for your life and your business.

You can see that this approach isn’t working, but with some reorganization here we can actually make sure that you have time for these big goals, these big rocks, by putting them in first.

Here are a few?Big Rocks?you could consider scheduling first::

  1. Your personal time + self-care.?Too many entrepreneurs run into complete burnout, exhaustion, or serious health issues because they don’t prioritize their health. Without you, your business doesn’t exist!
  2. Your family + friends.?These relationships are the ones that matter most, but they will only be there for you if you invest your time into them! Scheduling regular date nights or girls night out is not only fun, but will help you stay refreshed and focused during the regular week.
  3. Your rest + relaxation.?Too many entrepreneurs find themselves working 24/7/365. When was the last time you went on a vacation… or simply took a long weekend? If you want to show up as your best, it’s imperative that you build in time off!

Then block time for the?Big Rocks?in your business!

These are the highest impact projects that will move your business forward towards your goals.

For example, in my business, my dream clients find me through interviews, guest posts, social media, blogging, and my free Fired Up & Focused Challenge. A?Big Rock in my weekly?model?calendar is creating new content for my community.

Share With Me! What are the big rocks in your business and life that will help you to move forward towards your goals? Let me know in the comments below!