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You Love Your Business?
But Does Your Business Love You Back?

Building a business you love doesn’t mean you’ve gotta sacrifice your life, health, or sanity! Enjoy this curated?collection of 30 essays from entrepreneurs on how they?stopped chasing someone else’s version of success and started?living their dream life while they built their dream business.



There?s a lot of talk in the entrepreneurial world about building a business you love…

but too often, I see amazing, passionate entrepreneurs sacrificing their health, their family, and every waking moment striving to find success.

And while yes, you do have to learn how to hustle with heart to create a successful business? it?s even more essential to ensure that this business you love loves you back.

I know you love what you do. You love helping others. You love being of service…?But are you finding things haven?t turned out the way you planned {or at least not the way you expected}?

  • Do you feel like you?re spinning your wheels in your business despite a to-do-list full of tips and tricks and tactics that runneth over?

  • Is the constant hustling to build this business you love is starting to take its toll and you?re ?worried you?ll hit burnout if things don?t change soon?

  • Or maybe you?re struggling to find time for yourself or your family {and yep ? the irony is not lost ?on you that you can?t seem to find time for your LIFE with this lifestyle business}?

This is what happens when your business doesn?t love you back.

The Honest Truth

As much as you love what you do? as much as you put your heart and your soul and your passion into serving others and helping your community?

If your business doesn?t love you back, you won?t be in business very long.

We get all the info on building the biz? but living the dream life? Nothing.

All we hear is ALL. THE. THINGS. we?ve gotta do first to build our business. All the tips and tricks and tactics to be everywhere and, of course, hit 6 or 7 figures as quickly as humanly possible.

The result? Too many women entrepreneurs are DELAYING the life we love because we believe that FIRST we?ve gotta work our fingers to the bone to create a successful business.

Setting us up for burnout. Resentment. And a nagging feeling that we aren?t ENOUGH.

Even if you absolutely love the work that you?re doing and adore your clients? if your life is all work and no play, it?s only a matter of time before you hit a limit to how much success, happiness, and freedom you?ll really be able to experience.

Ladies, it?s time that we begin putting ourselves first.

We can?t give what we don?t have. It?s time we all begin refilling that self-love tank ? not only to start living a life we love right now ? but so we can bring the BEST of ourselves to the world!

You Deserve a Business You Love? That Loves You Back!

The Business That Loves You Back Book was born to provide a honest look at what goes into building a business while living a life you love, right now.


We didn?t become entrepreneurs to squeeze our business into someone else?s version of success.

When you design a business that loves you back, you?re building your business around your desired lifestyle. You?re making time for work AND play. You?re doing your business, your way.

And isn?t that why we chose this lifestyle business anyhow??To have the FREEDOM, EASE, and ABUNDANCE to enjoy our lives? I think so!


That?s why I?ve invited these 30 entrepreneurs to share their raw and real insight into what it really looks like to build a business and life you love. They are game changers, rule breakers and the kind of thoughtful, soulful women that we can all learn from.?

I?ve handpicked each of these entrepreneurs as I see them as leaders. They all have one thing in common, they WALK THEIR TALK. They do what they say they?re going to do, they value community and connection and they operate businesses based on respect and integrity.?

Most of all, they have lives. They aren?t waiting for retirement to finally live out their dreams. They are living those lives right now. They are mamas, friends, sisters, wives, partners, daughters…all balancing work they love with a life aligned with their goals and values.

Here?s just a few of the juicy tidbits you?ll discover in the #BizLove:: Business That Loves You Back Book…

How they let go of all the ?rules? about business to live their own version of success {you won’t find any cookie-cutter strategies here!}

A behind the scenes peek at a day in the life of a lifestyle entrepreneur? including how much they really work and still make time for a life they love

The self-care practices they use to prevent burnout and replenish their own inspiration tank {and no – self care is?about way more than bubble baths and spa days}

What work-life balance really looks like for busy women who aren?t just entrepreneurs? but also moms, daughters, sisters, and friends with busy beauti-full lives

And much, much more…

When you download your Business That Loves You Back Blog Tour Book, you?ll learn from other heart-centered entrepreneurs just like you…and you?ll find that entrepreneurship is much easier than you ever thought possible when you start living a life you love, right now.

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