Entrepreneurs Making 10X More Don’t Work 10X Harder…
They Work Smarter.

You’re no longer a business beginner.

As you’ve implemented everything you’ve learned on this entrepreneurial journey, you’ve seen some sweet success. You’ve landed some amazing dream clients… you’ve launched your signature program… you’ve celebrated your clients seeing incredible results {or you’re well on your way to reaching one or all of these next level victories}.

You’re so ready to take your business to that next elusive next level, where you can…

  • Scale up your signature programs and services from one-off launches to 6-figure revenue streams that build your business’s recurring revenue month after month.
  • Grow your profits so you can finally build a strong support team to handle the day to day of running your business so you can WORK LESS even as your business continues to grow.
  • Pay yourself a six-figure CEO’s income, finally allowing you to breathe easy knowing your financial future is secure with plenty of cash-flow to invest for retirement, pay for the kids college, and even splurge on regular spa days and vacations.

You dream of business success, on your terms. Success that allows you to do what you love {and be well paid for it} while having the freedom to live the life you really want.

You Can Create Success… Without Sacrifice!

Too often, I see incredibly talented entrepreneurs hustle for years hoping that if they just work a little bit harder, then finally their dream business will create their dream life.

But the secret to sustainable success – the kind where you have actually have time for lazy Sunday mornings with the family or regular date nights – isn’t about adding more to an already overflowing {and likely overwhelmed} plate.

  • It’s about doing LESS with more FOCUS.
  • It’s about choosing strategies that make the biggest IMPACT with the least EFFORT.
  • It’s about taking CONSISTENT ACTION instead of chasing SHINY OBJECTS.

I’m here as living proof that it IS possible to create sustainable success on your terms. Since starting my business in 2008, I’ve worked an average of 25 hours a week as I’ve been raising my now 10 year old twins and 7 year old with the hubby Jameson (who I was able to retire in 2014 so he could be a full-time stay-at-home dad).

The best part? Because I’m focused on the right high-impact actions in my business, my business continues to run like clockwork even when I’m spending more time with my family or enjoying some quiet time by myself.

The CEO Accelerator is a mastermind experience
for women ready for MORE.


You’re ready for a six-figure business and a six-figure income to match!


You’re ready to reach and serve more people with more ease and less burnout.


You’re ready to be a sought after speaker, author, or leader in your niche.

Experience 12 Months of Accelerating Your Business

The CEO Accelerator is a strategically curated mentorship-meets-mastermind for 10-12 women entrepreneurs ready for hands-on support from Racheal and her team. We work with you to customize your business and marketing strategy, overcome challenges and stumbling blocks to growth, and implement like crazy to help you accelerate your results. Here’s how The CEO Accelerator works::

Quarterly CEO Retreats

3 In-Person Retreat Weekends

Nothing facilitates acceleration like stepping out of your business for a few days to plan and prioritize your next steps.

Our retreats will bring you together with other CEOs to set big goals and create your next 90 day strategic plan. Then, you’ll spend an entire weekend working on your business in the company of fellow CEOs.


All retreats are hosted in Richmond, Virginia.

 Monthly CEO Dates

Plans only work if you work the plan! 

On the first Monday of each month, all the CEOs will get together via group video call to check-in as you work through the 90 Day Plan you created during the CEO Retreat.

This is our time to come together as a collective to cheer one another on as you stretch outside your comfort zone, hold each other accountable, and ask for support when you feel stuck.

When you tap into a collective brain trust of absolutely brilliant women, you can’t help but step up and play bigger in your business and your life!

Weekly CEO Accountability

Ideas Don’t Build Businesses.
Implementation Does.

It’s not what you do once in a while that generates results. It’s what you do each and every week that moves your business forward.

That’s why we host a private Voxer channel for Accelerator members only for accountability and support like never before.

Each and every week, we’ll hold you accountable with weekly check-ins, co-working power hours, and sharing your CEO Score.

Strategy Sessions with Racheal

Get The 1×1 Support You Deserve

The CEO Accelerator brings together the massive momentum of a mastermind experience with the laser-focused strategy you can only get from working closely with a mentor who *gets* you and your business.

10 Monthly One-on-One Strategy Sessions with Racheal
Ready to map out your next launch or fine tune your marketing strategy? We’ll have monthly 1-hour calls to support you every step of the journey in implementing your strategic business & marketing plan.

Unlimited Back-Pocket Coaching Calls with Racheal
Business emergency? Not only do you get direct access to Rach via email, voicemail, and text… you can book a 15-minute back-pocket coaching sessions with Racheal to get un-stuck and back to work.


Plus… Access to My CEO Support Team!

Team work makes the dream work! That’s why my 2 key team members, Amber + Lane, are available to support you throughout your time in The CEO Accelerator. You’ll see them during each CEO Retreat weekend (including 1×1 time with each to support you in implementation) plus have access to them via our private group to ask questions about operations and customer experience as they come up.

Amber Kinney (Operations)

The key to sustainable success? Strong systems. That’s where Amber comes in. She’s a COO for coaches and online entrepreneurs who want to ensure their business runs smoothly 24/7/365.

Lane Clark (Customer Experience)

How do you grow your business while still delivering an incredible customer experience? Lane has been a huge part of ensuring we can care for hundreds of clients per month without losing the personal touch.

Your Velocity Strategy Intensive Awaits

When you say YES to The CEO Accelerator, you’ll qualify for a BONUS 1×1 Velocity Strategy Intensive. Our time together is completely tailored to help you gain momentum and confidence towards your highest vision for your business! You’ll not only up-level your business and CEO skills, but implement on your biggest goals.


Velocity Deep Dive
We’ll begin with my award winning Velocity Intensive Workbook to get your creative juices flowing and your implementer muscles working. Once you complete this workbook, you’ll send it and any other information I might need over so I can peek under the hood of your business.

Velocity Strategy Intensive VIP Day
We’ll have 4 solid hours of tete-a-tete strategic planning in your business {with a 60-90 minute lunch break}. By the end of your day with me, you’ll have a solid action plan to implement in your biz for the next 12 months.

*While I highly recommend an in-person VIP Day, we can make this happen virtually.

Velocity Strategy Map
The magic happens when you’re 100% PRESENT. Perfect copy will be spoken. Flashes of insight will disappear. That’s why I have every moment of our time together pulled into a strategy map so have a documented plan for the next 12 months.

“I joined the Accelerator because I felt as if I had plateaued in my business. I was looking for a bigger challenge and knew I needed to surround myself with people who were thinking bigger.

I came in with the goal to plan and execute a women’s conference centered on lifestyle design called Rebelle Con. Did I mention that our timeline was 3 months… and I just had my second baby a few months before that?

Rebelle Con was a huge success! Not only did we host amazing speakers like Jessamyn Stanley, Christian Siriano, and Tanya Rapley… but we had over 100 attendees for this 3 day conference.

I am so glad I had the support of Racheal to get me through the ups and downs of this journey. She was such an important part of getting this off the ground and continues to be one of my biggest cheerleaders for doing bigger and better things in my business.”

Shannon Siriano Greenwood {Business + Lifestyle Design Strategist and Founder of Rebelle Con}

What Got You Here Won’t Get You There!

There comes a point when nearly every entrepreneur finds themselves frustrated that their growth stalls and their business feels stuck no matter how many hours they work and hustle.

So they find themselves going down Google search rabbit holes, binge listening to hours of podcasts, signing up for course after course, hoping that the answer is out there somewhere.

But the successful entrepreneurs you admire are taking a different approach.

Once they start seeing real results and cross the 6-figure revenue mark, they know that next step isn’t another strategy or another online course. It’s to double down on what works.

They bring in experts and consultants to help them refine their strategy and implement faster. They build a team to run the day-to-day operations of the business. They find a mentor who can help them stay laser focused and on track.

That’s exactly what The CEO Accelerator was designed for – to help you simplify your strategy amplify your results so you can start seeing more sustainable success.

“Before the Accelerator, we were scraping by. Our marketing was piece-meal and our message was unclear. It was super frustrating to know how much we had to give, but being unable to give it… and we couldn’t figure out what we were missing and how we were missing it. We gravitated toward the shiny objects, and while we had great intent to help people, we never could do so for more than a handful of folks.

Since the Accelerator, our business has TRIPLED. We have gotten crystal clear on our mission and how we serve best. We have been able to expand our mission to more people who are seeking us while maintaining our original intent and integrity.

The Accelerator has helped us put processes in place, helped us work smarter not harder, helped us get clarity and helped us serve with greater purpose and and intention. We also get days off now :).

I have LOVED the camaraderie with a group of powerhouse women, learning how to do things ‘like a girl’ in a way that’s empowering and impactful and learning how to make the business work for me instead of me working for it.

Shannon Brasovan {Chief Yoga Office of Practice Indie Yoga, Indianapolis}

Real Results in The CEO Accelerator

Grew Course to 6 Figures

One CEO scaled her signature online program by hiring additional coaches and having 2 $50K launches in the past year.

Take a One Month Sabbatical

Another started with the goal of no longer working weekends – now she’s taking an entire month off while her team runs the business.

Rinse & Repeat Sales Systems

A CEO implemented a 100% automated sales system that not only sold a $200 program, but created a budget for Facebook Ads to list build.

Become a Thought Leader

7 CEOs have positioned themselves as leaders in their industries by launching their own podcasts, conferences, and virtual summits.

Build the Dream Team

We’ve helped multiple CEOs find and hire team members to take over their inbox, run their Facebook Ads, and manage all the ‘techy’ implementation.

Increased Visibility

Multiple CEOs have not only grown their audience (especially social media and email lists) but have landed interviews and speaking opportunities.

I had just wrapped by first round of The Bodywork Project, an online coaching program for bodyworkers and therapists, and I didn’t know how to take it to the next level. And I’d gotten to that place in my business before where I created these offers, I knew that they were good but then I couldn’t take it to more people and get it to the next level.

While the timing was good to join The CEO Accelerator, it wasn’t an easy decision to make! I mean my heart wanted me to do it, I knew my business was ready, my heart was ready, my brain was like, “I don’t know, that’s a lot of money.”

But what turned it around for me was actually making that commitment. Making the financial commitment shifted the energy for me around my business and I knew I was all in. I knew I was going to take the advice that Racheal and the other Accelerators were going to give me, and I was going to do everything that I could to really be all in and grow my business for this past year.

And for me, that included launching the Bodywork Project successfully three different times! I created a virtual summit that I just wrapped up. I’ve created a challenge plus two free list magnets. I created a private mentoring program, a VIP program, I mean all of it. I was interviewed on six different podcasts. I did my first Facebook lives. I grew my list to nearly 1,000 – and I’m on social media! I felt like I was being catapulted over these hurdles that I used to come up against – Accelerator really is a good word for it.

One of the most important things that I got out of the Accelerator from Racheal and her team, was not only kind of cheerleading, rah rah you’re doing great, but also direct support. Somebody just said this, what should I do? And a response almost immediately. I think I want to move it in this direction. What do you think? Okay, here’s how to do this. Step one, step two, step three. And I just took those things and ran.

A year later – I’ve already gotten my return on investment times three. So it’s been a terrific investment for me, it’s been wonderful personal growth for me and also for my business. So it’s been a wonderful experience and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

– Mindy Totten {Founder of The Bodywork Project}

The CEO Accelerator Is For You If…


You want to surround yourself with women CEOs as serious as you are. If you want to get to the next level, you need to surround yourself with people who are not only 100% committed to growth, but who will challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and into your next level as a CEO.


You are ready to put in the time required to get the right strategy, systems, and support in place. If you want to see the results, you know that it will take some time up front. You’re ready to get laser focused and do the hard things now so you can reap the rewards later.


You are ready to invest in yourself and your business to achieve your goals. I’ll be here to help you make big decisions on up-leveling your systems or hiring your team, but you’ve got to be willing to invest in yourself to make it happen.


Your coaching, service-based, or online business is already generating revenue and you’re ready to 2X or 3X your growth in the next 12 months without working more. It’s time to stop doing ALL THE THINGS and laser in on the RIGHT ACTIONS to see REAL RESULTS.


You are committed to having a breakthrough results in the next 12 months and you’re willing to take imperfect action to get there. No one ever feels ready to step out of their comfort zone and take action on something new. But with your new CEO collective, you’ll have a built in support system to cheer you on and call you out when you are playing small.

The CEO Accelerator is a 12-Month Program designed to help 10-12 women entrepreneurs grow and scale their businesses.

We provide the high-touch and high-impact support you need to dramatically grow your business in the next 12 months. You could make hundreds of thousands of dollars, but you won’t pay anywhere near that.

Here’s a quick recap of everything you’ll get as a member of The CEO Accelerator::

  • 4 Quarterly In-Person CEO Retreat Weekends ($15,000 Value)
  • Monthly Group CEO Dates ($6,000 Value)
  • Weekly CEO Accountability ($6,000 Value)
  • Access to Racheal’s CEO Support Team ($10,000 Value)
  • Access to ALL of Racheal’s Programs + Trainings ($5,000 Value)
  • 10 Monthly 1×1 Strategy Sessions with Racheal ($10,000 Value)
  • BONUS VIP DAY! Velocity Strategy Intensive ($5,000 Value)

Each seat in The CEO Accelerator is worth over $57,000, but your investment is::

$18,000 or 14 Payments of $1,297

I joined The CEO Accelerator because I knew I had A LOT of information and I needed support to turn this into action. On my own, I’d end up wasting time, getting confused and pulled in too many different directions. The long term nature of the CEO Accelerator meant it was a long term commitment to myself and my business, so I knew together we were in this through the ups and the downs – I knew I’d have support I needed.

My biggest transformation was figuring out how to transition my consulting for larger businesses to reflect the needs of smaller/newer businesses. I learned to embrace both my practical skill set and the mindset work smaller business owners need.

My biggest struggle was stepping into more visibility! It started feeling like “I HAVE to do this, and in a way I hate doing this!” but over the months together, I found a way to commit to showing up more that felt more authentic to me.

The best part about working with Racheal and the other CEOs was having people to share the experience with – the ups, the downs and knowing you aren’t alone! These women all believe in what you are doing even when you lose your own way. It’s so powerful to see the progress over the last year even though it feels like micro steps, I can see it is such a stronger platform to now leap off. The next biggest leap for me, is giving myself permission and confidence to really step up to lead this.

I have loved having Racheal there in my corner supporting me and it has certainly helped me to become so much more focused in what I am doing with a clear direction moving forward.

– Laura Cook {Financial Strategist and Creator of More Than Money Mastermind}

Rach is a gifted coach and grounded girlfriend rolled into one. I worked with Rach after returning from a 4 month maternity leave, and I was struggling to get my biz mojo back. With her consistent guidance and support, I not only created a clear plan to get me back on track in my business, but I went on to create a brand new program during our time together and in the end wound up increasing my income by 15% from the previous year (even after taking those 4 months off)!!!

– Cailen Ascher {Founder of Design Your Life School}

Racheal is so wonderful! She is wicked smart and insightful, and it seems like the perfect marketing copy just pours out of her mouth. Her encyclopedic knowledge never ceases to amaze. When in doubt, she has the answer on the right tools, strategies, or technology you need to get things done in your business.

She addresses the full spectrum of the entrepreneur’s needs. From how to simplify the minutia that we all have to figure out (such as how to make a video, clean out your inbox, or inspire yourself daily), to zooming out to see the big picture too, such as how to position, find your clients, and grow steadily (and not too fast)! That’s a very rare combo.

Genuine and so generous, her integrity makes her stand out in this field of business coaches. She tops it all off with a lovely, nurturing nature, caring deeply. My work with her has been a rocket booster to get my business finally launched. I couldn’t have done it without her.

Cassandra Metzger {Writer, Teacher, + Advocate at WellSpringStones.com}

“Before I started working with Racheal, I was overworked, over-scheduled, and exhausted. I felt trapped in the business I had created with no clear direction as to how things could shift so that I didn’t always have to work 80+ hour weeks. I loved my business and my clients, but I couldn’t enjoy any of it, because I was so depleted myself.

My life and business has changed completely since beginning my work with Racheal. I’m happier, calmer, I am making more money, and I am moving my business in a very exciting new direction. Racheal gave me permission and support to grow my business in the direction I was most excited about: teaching other yoga teachers. I had been worried that moving in that direction wasn’t a smart business choice, but Racheal showed me it was not only a good idea, but it was the ONLY WAY to grow my business successfully AND enjoy myself as I did!

She has helped me break down all my goals into organized, achievable steps, and has made the whole process fun and easy! I have never been more excited about my work, or more proud of what I am offering to the world! I have a long list of things I’m EXCITED to do and I always get them done! As a result, my business has completely transformed in a few months.

Hell yes, I would totally recommend Racheal to any healing entrepreneur who is ready to uplevel their business AND their personal life!”

Francesca Cervero {Private Yoga Teacher + Trainer at FrancescaCervero.com}

Earnings Disclaimer: We’ve taken every effort to ensure we accurately represent The CEO Accelerator offering and the ability of this service to help you grow your business and improve your life. Each persons results will vary. You alone are responsible for your actions and results which are dependent on personal factors including your skill knowledge, ability, dedication, business savvy, network, and financial situation, to name a few. There is no promise or representation that you will make a certain amount of money, or any money, as a result of using our programs and services. Any earnings, revenue, or income statements are strictly estimates and there is no guarantee that you will make these levels yourself. If you have any questions, please contact our customer support team at hello@rachealcook.com