I’m a business growth strategist who’s revealing the truth about scaling your business, so this episode series may have surprised you.

But I want your eyes wide open when you go into business growth mode. It’s not just about making more sales; you also need to scale your team, customer experience, and infrastructure behind the scenes so your business doesn’t implode.

In this final installment, I break down some key things for you to start thinking about to be more strategic and sustainable when you’re ready to go into high growth business mode.

On this episode of Promote Yourself to CEO:

3:57 – Which mode allows me to have the lifestyle I want? Being more strategic and intentional while looking towards business growth.

7:26 – Women entrepreneurs tend not to step into leadership in their finances. You can’t allocate resources or make smart decisions otherwise.

11:42Keep it simple, upgrade as you go, have perspective, and stop comparing yourself to others. Here’s a particularly helpful recommendation for both new and experienced entrepreneurs.

16:14Marketing is one area where I see people get overwhelmed. Some personal examples of how I use my own system to prevent this from happening to me.

20:07Slow down. Things take time. We tend to overestimate how much we can accomplish weekly or monthly, yet underestimate our amount of productivity in a year.

25:08 The biggest disconnect I’ve noticed between entrepreneurs and other small business owners. What the former tend to do.

27:03 Here’s something not talked about often enough behind the scenes, particularly for female business owners. Having a team of support, both professionally and personally.

30:54 Growth isn’t linear, and that’s okay. Some pointers on handling plateaus and explosive periods of growth.

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