What can YOU control?

Right now, 6 months into 2020, it might feel like the answer is ?nothing?.

It has been a crazy year, maybe even the craziest year that any of us have ever been alive to see.

But that doesn?t mean that we are totally out of control.

We need to press pause on our businesses and take some time to really reflect so that when the next challenge comes our way, we are ready to adapt and move forward.

That?s right, we WILL have to continue to adapt.

That comes with the territory of being an entrepreneur!

But by spending enough time reviewing the past, we will be well equipped to stay on track for our long-term goals, even if we end up taking a slightly different route to get there than we originally thought.

This week, I?m inviting you to grab a pen and work alongside me as I review the first half of the year. I?m covering my personal challenges and what I did to adapt, as well as the specific process that I take so that you can implement a mid-year review of your business every single year.

This week on Promote Yourself to CEO:

3:36 The very first thing I do in my review process – pull out my CEO Planner and look over the goals I set at the beginning of the year.?

5:00 I dive into my own goals from the beginning of the year, whether or not I?m on track to achieve them, and how I changed some of them for the rest of the year

17:45 An update on the CEO Collective, and whether or not I met my goals while launching during a pandemic.

18:34 A 2020 goal that I actually had to decide to let go of, why I made the tough decision to do that, and how I pivoted to move forward in a new way.

23:17 All of the data I use to break my review down month by month, and the three questions you need to ask yourself to get a better plan to move forward effectively and efficiently.

28:37 What has worked for you so far this year? What hasn?t? I give you my answers to those questions, and others, with the good, the bad, and the ugly.

33:20 Leading and lagging metrics, what you can learn from tracking them, and what metrics I track for my business.

34:59 How to close the gap between you and your big 2020 goal by the end of the year, even if you?re a little behind where you?d like to be.

38:15 Finally, after reviewing the past 6 months, we can move forward and plan for the second half of the year without having to recreate the wheel.

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