Are your mornings just the craziest time of the day? Between dealing with pets, coffee, and kids, you ultimately feel frazzled by the time you sit down at your desk. Or perhaps at the end of your day, you’re just exhausted and collapsing into bed. Well, high-performance CEOs and leaders know they need to manage their day well and conserve their energy and brain space for what really matters to get the results they desire in life, health, relationships, and business. So today, we’re going to talk about how you can run your day like a high-performance CEO.

On this episode of Promote Yourself to CEO:

6:06 – A great day truly starts the night before. I’ve never been a great sleeper and even failed at it according to my FitBit app, so here’s how I fixed that.

15:48 – Morning routines all about personal preference. I discuss what the introvert in me thrives on.

19:58 – Pay attention to anything causing frustration in your day. What used to annoy me and how I solved it.

22:58 – Simplifying decision-making. I describe my simple capsule wardrobe choices and advance self-care scheduling.

25:41 – Having essentials for health and home shipped to me automatically. I do this for myself, my husband, and our kids.

26:43 – Manage whatever sucks away your time. The happy accident a couple of weeks ago that helped me truly relax that weekend.

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