You’ve probably heard of my weekly CEO date if you’ve been following me for a while now. This is where I sit down to check in on my business to make sure we’re continuing to progress towards all the goals we’ve set. But I have another CEO date every single month. This series is all about what you’re doing on an ongoing basis to ensure you aren’t only creating business plans but also following through on them and adapting as circumstances arise. So I’m diving deep today and discussing how to build in self-accountability so that your plan isn’t just another Google document you’ll never look at again.

On this episode of Promote Yourself to CEO:

2:37 – My monthly CEO date falls on the first Monday of each month. Diving into my check-in process.

5:59 – The importance of a planner to look back and review. This way, you see patterns before a big emergency crops up.

8:50 – Reviewing last month’s metrics and revenue. It keeps my finger on the pulse and helps me decide my goal for the next month.

12:08 – Actively or passively selling offers? Just putting out the information isn’t enough anymore, so here’s what I have to do now.

14:23 – Seeing what has and hasn’t worked with marketing helped me course correct quite a few times. Brainstorming all of my content for the month.

16:38 – Setting my top three monthly priorities, communicating them to my team, and managing my calendar.

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