Every new year feels like a fresh start and a new chance to go after those big, audacious goals for our lives and businesses. But if this year has taught us anything, it’s that our plans need adaptability. We need to build this adaptability into our entire business and allow it flexibility while still getting the results we want. That’s why I love running my quarter through 90-day plans. Today, I talk about how to actually dig in and start creating these plans for your own business.

On this episode of Promote Yourself to CEO:

3:14 – Why 90-day plans? Entrepreneurs love setting big, ambitious goals but it can be overwhelming.

8:40 – Breaking big goals into more manageable chunks to fit the time, energy, and resources you have. You can make your best guess, or do this instead.

12:08 – What do you need to think about as you’re creating your first 90-day plan? I walk you through my process.

14:32 – Starting the process by looking over your sales and marketing. I go over my 5-part marketing strategy.

19:31 – This step is what most of us think of as marketing. Super valuable and important but only going out to the people who already know you.

22:50 – Breaking things down into process vs. project goals. I share some personal examples of each.

25:01 – Asking yourself these questions can really help ensure you avoid major challenges as you’re working through your action plan.

27:54 – Fine-tuning your plan to achieve your goals at the beginning of every quarter.

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