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Sweet Spot Book

The world needs YOUR secret sauce ?
that ONLY YOU can offer.

How Do You Create?More Ease
& Less Stress In Your Business?

With all the hype out there, it?s easy enough to find roadmaps + blueprints + formulas promising a turn-key model for business success… but all the blueprints/formulas/secret steps to success approach entrepreneurship with an IKEA style one-size-fits-all assembly line of business building. And while those strategies might give you a little bit of success ?it?s never going to be as successful as a business custom tailored to leverage your own areas of genius.

The world needs YOUR secret sauce ? that ONLY YOU can offer. And if you’ve been working on growing your business but haven’t seen lasting success, it’s time to take a more holistic view and design your business around your passion, purpose, and people you are meant to serve. 

Your Business Sweet Spot is the Answer!

You don?t have to do #allthethings, be everywhere, or follow all the rules to be successful. You can create success on your terms. And it all starts when you align with your business sweet spot and design your business around what works best, for you.

Your Business Sweet Spot reveals your unique secret sauce and walks you through a process to design your business and marketing strategy 100%?around your innate talents and strengths so you can grow your business with more freedom, ease, and abundance.?

Meet?Racheal Cook MBA

Racheal Cook is an award winning business strategist who believes entrepreneurship doesn?t have to be so complicated. Through her signature online mastermind Sweet Spot Strategy, she?helps women entrepreneurs to simplify business and amplify results by designing a business around what works best, for you.?

A sought after speaker on entrepreneurship, marketing, and productivity, Racheal’s work has been featured on US Chamber of Commerce, Entrepreneur on Fire, Female Entrepreneur Association, Lady Business Radio, The Mogul Mom, Smart Passive Income, and?more.?She’s also the author of the Amazon Bestseller book?Fired Up & Focused.