Is it possible to run a business, raise a young family, help elderly parents… and still have time for yourself?

Listen in to my private podcast – It’s Messy in the Middle – to learn how I’ve done just that.

A business & life for ambition & ease?

If you’ve been struggling to grow your business and actually have time for a life, you’re not alone. Most women entrepreneurs find themselves working way too hard because they are trying to do #ALLTHETHINGS to grow their business (often at the expense of their health, wellbeing, family, and more).

But you likely started your business SO YOU COULD PRIORITIZE YOUR LIFE!

And the current bro-marketing, hustle culture only works if you happen to have the massive privilege of a full-time stay-at-home partner, a nanny, full-time chef and housekeeper, plus perfect health and boundless energy.

What if you have chronic health conditions?

Or a child with special needs?

Or maybe you just didn’t want to leave the 9-5 to work 24/7!

I’m here to show you that you don’t have to be everywhere or follow all the rules to be successful. You can create sustainable success on your terms. Get on the list for my private podcast Messy in the Middle to hear how.

It's Messy in the Middle

Over the last 15 years of entrepreneurship, I've navigated multiple chronic health conditions while raising my young family and providing caregiving and support for my aging parents.

While many know me from my business strategy podcast Promote Yourself to CEO, I wanted to create a dedicated show to talk about the messy middle of entrepreneurship and life.

It’s Messy in the Middle

While I’ve dedicated my primary podcast Promote Yourself to CEO to the business strategies of sustainable success, this private podcast series allows me to share how I balance it all with more ease and less stress.

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