The Unsexy Secrets to Sustainable Success

The Unsexy Secrets to Sustainable Success

But why do we think we need to reinvent the wheel?

I?m all about keeping it simple – in life, and in business.

I have a capsule wardrobe, my family meal preps many of the same meals each week (any other taco Tuesday people out there?), and I still use many of the same practices after 10 years of business!

I get it – my methods don?t seem very exciting.

But you know what is exciting?

Weekly date nights with my husband.

Being able to drop everything when my kids get sick.

Taking an entire month off last year and letting my business run itself.

This week on Promote Yourself to CEO, I?m giving you a preview of my upcoming three-part series, The Unsexy Secrets to Sustainable Success. This series will be all about what it really looks like and really takes to be a successful entrepreneur in today?s world. Today?s episode focuses on how I knew at different points that it was time to make a change in my business – from introducing CEO Retreats, to shutting down Sweet Spot Strategy, to releasing the CEO Collective this year.

The Difference Between a Joining vs. Belonging

The Difference Between a Joining vs. Belonging

You know the feeling – shoulders down, heart open, 100% accepted.

That?s how it feels to truly belong.

But in a world of Facebook groups and networking, it can be hard to distinguish what we are just JOINING and where we will truly BELONG.

We all want to be a part of those communities where people really care about each other and reach out when things seem off.

But more often than not, we?re left lacking that deep connection that we?re craving.


Because building communities needs to be intentional. As I prepare to launch the CEO Collective in a few months, I?ve seen this firsthand. I?m building a place for women entrepreneurs to BELONG – and that won?t happen by default. This week on Promote Yourself to CEO, I?m talking about the difference between joining and belonging, what it means to lead a community, and how we can help others belong in our communities.

Here?s what you?ll hear on this episode:

3:30 The conversation I had with a client that got me thinking about this topic and inspired a lot of the decisions I?ve made for the CEO Collective.

CEO Confession: Lifeproofing Your Business with Mindy Totten

CEO Confession: Lifeproofing Your Business with Mindy Totten

Can your business support you while you are going through turbulence in your life?

So often, we?re asking ourselves these questions too late. And if we wait until AFTER the huge personal loss, our attempts to recover can often be too little, too late. While we might not want to face it, it?s realistic that entrepreneurs will face a major life change AT LEAST every two years.

This week, the CEO Confessions series continues on Promote Yourself to CEO with one of my amazing accelerator clients: Mindy Totten. Mindy is a successful craniosacral therapist who has shifted her business to coach other bodyworkers looking to level up their business. One of the things I love so much about Mindy is that she is willing to talk about the hard parts of being an entrepreneur without holding back. On this episode, she is opening up about the loss of a family member and how she kept her business going during this extremely challenging time.

Why Business BFFs Are The Key to Long Term Success

Why Business BFFs Are The Key to Long Term Success

Being in business FOR yourself doesn?t mean being in business BY yourself.

I get it, being the CEO can be lonely, especially if you?re dealing with all of the highs and lows without any support! You want people to pop the champagne with on your first five-figure day, and someone to call when your website crashes during a launch.

A Business BFF is an accountability partner, a mastermind buddy, a fellow entrepreneur who is RIGHT THERE with you taking action and learning what it really takes to grow a thriving business.

But it?s so much more than that.

These are the peeps?who are your first call when you hit the lowest of the low, when you?re completely doubting yourself, when you?re seriously considering throwing in the towel.

They are the ones who you cry to when you just had your third baby, you?re feeling completely sleep deprived and crazy, and you need someone to validate that it?s not only OK to take care of yourself, but it?s the perfect time to make your business as easy as possible

Episode 29:: Vision, Goals, and Creating an Action Plan for the New Year

Episode 29:: Vision, Goals, and Creating an Action Plan for the New Year

As soon December starts, business owners around the world being the process of furiously planning for the coming year.

New planners! Vision boards! Goal trackers!

There?s a beauty and harmony in planning which makes it completely irresistible. It?s so easy to get carried away in planning, planning and more planning! So much so that we over-plan… leaving us without room to pivot or to seize new opportunities. We set up ourselves up for failure before we even start because one minor glitch sends our master plan off course.

Episode 28:: A New Spin on Setting Your Big Goals for 2017

Episode 28:: A New Spin on Setting Your Big Goals for 2017

We?re in the home stretch of 2016, so it?s natural to be looking ahead. Plotting, planning, dreaming and scheming of all the greatness you?ll achieve in the year to come.

As you make those plans and write out your goals for the year to come over your morning coffee or holiday cocktail, it?s important that you don?t just look ahead.

The allure of visualizing your amazing, shiny future in 2017 is downright irresistible, and it?s easy to be intoxicated by the possibilities. Wanting to do this is 100% natural and we?ve all been there from new workout plans to doubling down on our business.

Some of those goals happen, and others are abandoned only days into the New Year.