If it’s Freedom You Really Want,

You’re in the Right Place.

You’re no longer a business beginner. You’ve implemented your ideas, you’ve put yourself out there, and you’ve seen some success! Perhaps you’ve filled your client docket, had a successful launch, landed that “next level” client – or you’re on your way to one or all of these.

You dream of business success, on your terms. Success that allows you to do what you love {and be well paid for it} while having the freedom to live the life you really want.

But following your own path doesn’t come without some twists and turns {and occasional roadblocks}. Suddenly, you look up from the day-to-day hustle of business building, and realize you aren’t where you thought you would be by now.

  • As an entrepreneur, you’re wearing all the hats in your business from CEO to customer service to tech support {and the grind of doing it all by yourself is wearing on you}
  • You’ve got big dreams and ideas – books and speaking and online programs – that would allow you to reach, teach, and serve more people {but who has time for any of that when you’re bogged down with busywork?}
  • For all the success you’ve experienced so far, you’ve realized you can’t enjoy any of it {honestly – when was the last time you had a vacation?}

You’re Ready to Replace Overwhelm + Burnout With Freedom, Ease, and Abundance.

You’re ready to grow your business – with elegance and ease. More supported. More streamlined. And more successful than ever {on your terms, of course!}

Entrepreneurship doesn’t have to be so hard. I’m here to help.

I teach savvy, soulful, smart women to uncomplicate their businesses so they can work less and live more.

After earning my MBA in Entrepreneurship, winning the National Small Business Institute Competition, and working for several years consulting small businesses and tech start-ups, I hit burnout. Ten panic attacks in ten weeks. Adrenal fatigue from too many years of working 75 hour weeks, eating on the go, and taking zero care of myself.

Since that breakdownthrough, I’ve dramatically re-designed every aspect of my business based on my own definition of success {where creating a meaningful life is just as important as creating a meaningful living}.

Don’t get me wrong – I love making money doing what I love, but a rich life is less about money and more about freedom.

  • Freedom to run your business your way with clients you adore.
  • Freedom to make memories and enjoy every moment with
    your family + friends.
  • Freedom to take precious care of yourself, 100% guilt-free.

What began as a cautionary tale is now my compass – it points true north – where freedom and business success are not only possible, they are inextricably intertwined.

I Believe Women Can Be Successful Entrepreneurs + CEOs…AND Balance Our Ambition With More Ease, Freedom, and Abundance.

I’m not a millionaire {yet!} but I’ve consciously designed a business that has allowed me to retire my husband from 10 years of teaching 7th grade English, buy our gorgeous home in the suburbs of Richmond, VA, and pay for preschool, soccer, and ballet.

The best part? Because I’ve leaned into my Business Sweet Spot, I’ve been able to work about 25 hours a week growing my business so that I can enjoy most of my days with my loved ones.

The Business & Life You Want Is Waiting For You!

When you match where you are on your business journey with your Business Sweet Spot, you’ll know exactly what you need to focus on, right now, to build a profitable, sustainable business.

Stage 1: Start Up

Focus: Validation

Challenge: Clarity

Let’s get real – most women entrepreneurs aren’t looking to sacrifice their health and happiness as they hustle to build their business. The secret to surviving the start-up stage? Clarity.

Remember – clarity comes from doing, not daydreaming. The faster you can start working with people, the faster you’ll validate your business idea, build your credibility, and build your portfolio of results.

Behind The Scenes of Start Up Stage

When I left the grind of corporate consulting, I wasn’t sure what was next. So when my yoga teacher Arlene asked me to manage her struggling yoga studio, a lightbulb went on when I realized that yogis need business strategy.

Within months, I launched my first business, The Yogipreneur, hosting workshops, and offering marketing consulting to yoga teachers and studio owners. After working with 100 Yogipreneurs in just 6 months, I had the clarity I needed to nurture this seedling of a business into a multiple-six figure niche consultancy.

Stage 2: Success

Focus: Experience

Challenge: Feast or Famine Cycle

At this stage, you’re understanding the nuances of what your clients need to get amazing results. As you gain more experience with more clients, you’re refining your offerings and dramatically increasing the value you bring to the table.

But most entrepreneurs find themselves attracting just enough clients to start being profitable, only to realize they are trapped by the feast-or-famine cycle that leads to overwhelm and burnout.

The key to more consistent cash-flow? Embracing a simple marketing system that helps your business work for you – 24/7 – to attract, engage, and nurture new potential clients.

Behind the Scenes of Success Stage

By 2009, I had a full docket of yoga studio consulting clients, was teaching workshops, and becoming known as the “go to” business strategist for yogis. But with my true priorities being health, happiness, and newborn twins, I quickly realized my business model needed to pivot – no more travel and on-site consulting.

I mapped out a plan to “baby-proof” my business so I could work less than 25 hours a week while replacing my former six-figure income. The secret to success? Creating a baseline income with private coaching and consulting clients allowed me the freedom I needed to create my signature program, Sweet Spot Strategy {formerly Conscious Business Design}, and focus on growing my community.

Stage 3: Scale & Sustain

Focus: Growth

Challenge: Business Model Change

Entrepreneurs love talking about achieving 5-figure months and 6-figure launches, but too often rush into rapid growth strategies and leveraged offerings without a strong foundation to support their business.

What is essential to sustainable business growth? It’s a mindset shift from solopreneur to a true CEO who is focused on systematizing your offerings, marketing, and business operations so you can deliver an incredible experience as you serve more people through your products, programs, and services.

thBehind the Scenes of Scale & Sustain Stage

After several years of flying solo running The Yogipreneur, in 2012, I started to build a team to support my growing business. My signature program hit six-figures in revenue, my coaching and consulting calendar was filled to wait list status, and I knew systems were key to prepping my business for a 4 month maternity leave.

Even while having baby number three, my business grew dramatically when over 10,000 entrepreneurs joined the Fired Up & Focused Challenge in 2014. When more and more women started asking I’m not a yogi, but can you help me?, I realized it was time to transition my consultancy to RachealCook.com.

For years, I used the Sweet Spot Strategy to teach women entrepreneurs to design their businesses 100% around their Business Sweet Spot, so they could earn more, work less, and love every minute of their lives.

Now, in my signature online offer, The CEO Collective, I provide a 12-month immersive community mastermind experience for women entrepreneurs who are ready for next-level strategy and results, without the non-stop hustle.